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December Update part 1

December 9, 2010

So Christmas is almost upon us, I can tell because my sister in law arrived from Glasgow last night brandishing two boxes of M&S’ finest mince pies.

I brought a box with me to work at Mike’s bikes and introduced my colleagues to the true taste of Christmas. Its just not the same without mincemeat….

The end off the year looms close. Its almost time to make myself feel guilty about all the time i wasted this year and write lists of things i wont get around to next year. In the spirit of the festive audit i wanted to write a post about some of the high lights of the last six months that i failed to blog about.

As much as i loved the instant recognition of the 187 brand and logo, i felt that it was too close to what i had been working on at Freight Baggage and have as such been making my bags under the Pushbike logo since May this year. Pushbike is a shop in the mission district of San Francisco that happens to be owned by my wife, Sarah Murder. I work one or two shifts a week at the shop, its always a good time to come and see me about ordering a bag. I will be continuing to brand the bags with the pushbike logo and will be featuring some one off creations in the store in the new year.

I manufactured limited runs of bags for All Hail The Black MarketKing Kog and Pushbike. All of the bags featured custom laser cut black reflective prints on 1000d cordura with 18oz vinyl floating liners and a simple velcro closure. these bags looked super awesome and i look forwards to working with Gina, Stevil and Sarah again sometime soon.

In November i took a trip home to the UK and made some special edition Royal Mail inspired back packs. These were full on messenger sized bags and i was happy to get some of my old courier friends riding them in the old country. The bags featured 1000d cordura outer bags, deep side pockets, vinyl lined zippered front pocket, 40″ cargo straps, 40″ extender straps multiple female anchor points and a pac cloth and 10oz Vinyl fully floating liner with laptop sleeve/divider.

The designs that i have been working on most lately have been more of a commuter/race bag platform. Having a bag i can pack everything into for a day at the office or to take with me with everything i need when I am heading to the  trails was my main motivation and i have been very happy with the results. The bags are made from 1000d cordura with a floating vinyl liner, roll top closure and a cord compression stowage system across the front of the bag which is perfect for helmets, wet jackets, human heads or whatever tickles your fancy.  At the moment i am very excited about experimenting with some new fabrics and a new modular design. watch this space for updates……

Morning ride panorama 9/14

September 14, 2010


San Francisco from the top of San Bruno mountain……..

I hate riding up hills. Growing up getting to the top was all about riding down really fast.  Nowadays I find it somewhat bemusing doing it just to stop my belly creeping further over my waist band. Having said that there is definitely a feeling of accomplishment dragging my fat ass out of bed and to the top of a mountain before breakfast……..

Just opened the draw on my workbench at Mike’s bikes…….

September 13, 2010


I only throw wrenches at Mikes three days a week so it’s always nice to find a surprise waiting for me after the weekend….

Morning ride panorama 9/7

September 12, 2010


Pacifica from last Tuesday morning test riding a Specialized Enduro from Mikes Bikes.


The bike was pretty awesome, light enough to ride to the top and with the command post slammed and the fork opened up it happily cleared the crack first run.

I’m putting one on my Christmas list….

Christina’s Sling Work Bag

April 22, 2010

Christina is a bike messenger in Chicago and our current North American Cycle Courier champion after she kicked everyone’s ass in Boston last summer. She wanted a tailored sling in grey and blue and i was stoked to oblige.

Grey 1000d cordura, with black ballistic cordura base.

.75″ padded shoulder and rib strap with metal gripper buckle. 187 logo quilted through the integrated back padding.

suspension strapping at both ends of the strap ensure a consistent interface no mater the load.

Large integrated vinyl lined zippered front pocket, 36″ cargo straps with 36″ extenders included.

Velcro closure mesh exterior side pockets with blue cordura detailing.

The bag has 3 mesh internal pockets, a d ring for keys storage and is lined with 400d blue pack cloth. The waterproof membrane is 10oz vinyl and is fully floating. The bag is custom tailored to Christina’s measurements.

Ian’s Roll Top Backpack

April 20, 2010

Ian wanted a black roll top with red highlights for every day use. 1000d cordura main body, ballistic cordura base. ladder loop 1″ webbing and 1″ removable compression/cargo straps. large reflective hand cut 187 logo.

Black packcloth back panel with spine channel to allow the bag to sit flat even when fully loaded, .75″ thick shoulder strap with sternum strap and a removable waist strap. Large velcro closure pocket between the back pad and the bag.

Angled lock pocket on left side so you can remove your lock without dislocating your shoulder. Large velcro closure mesh pocket on the right side.

Large 10″ roll closure.  The bag has a closed capacity of 41 liters and an open capacity of 64 liters. The bag is lined with red packcloth and has a large zipper closure mesh interior pocket. the waterproof membrane is 10oz vinyl and is fully floating.


March 16, 2010

I started working on my daypack design when i was working for Freight Baggage there are a very limited run of bags out there with freight badges. I have come quite a way with the design since and am now able to offer the bags in many different styles to fit your demands. The bags are available in cordura or waxed canvas, with a packcloth liner. I can also place a vinyl layer between the outer and inner layers to add to the water resistance.

The bags are available with or without;

  • Zippered vinyl lined front pockets
  • Mesh side pockets (inside and out)
  • Laptop sleeve and/or zippered internal pockets
  • Removable laundry bag
  • Removable compression straps that double as cargo straps
  • A helmet carrying flap
  • Skateboard carrying straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Waist strap

Although these bags do not need to be tailored to your measurements they can be completely tailored to your usage.

Please contact me to discus your options

What do you keep in your bag?

March 16, 2010

As a working messenger for Cricket Courier Cooperative in downtown San Francisco people have often asked me what i carry in my bag besides our clients packages;

  • The bag itself is a prototype 187 sling in Kelly green
  • Trash bags to wrap packages to big to go in my bag when its raining.
  • Snacks
  • North Face goretex jacket in red
  • Arm warmers and gloves
  • Current Bike magazine
  • Spoon
  • Tape measure
  • Pens
  • Spare Earring
  • Spare lock key on carabiner
  • Water bottle
  • Radio and phone
  • Glasses case (for when the sun goes away)
  • Custom Cross street made by (now) New York messenger Fox
  • Manifest clipboard
  • Paperwork in plastic bag
  • Tools a spare tube and a patch kit
  • Front Knog light (someone stole the back one)
  • Last but not least is one of my lovely wife’s dreadlocks for luck

Alex’s Bag

March 16, 2010

After making Dirty Dave’s bag i had the idea in my head of making an all red, all vinyl backpack. I was Stoked when Alex from TCB courier asked me to make him just that!

Alex wanted a very simple stripped down bag, no outside pocket, no cargo straps.  Hand cut red vinyl 187 logo on red vinyl bag with Roll top closure.

Red packcloth back panel with spine channel to allow the bag to sit flat even when fully loaded, .75″ thick shoulder strap with sternum strap and a removable waist strap all in red webbing. Large velcro closure pocket between the back pad and the bag.

Side compression straps allow you to really compress the bag down when its empty.

The bag is lined with a fully floating vinyl liner, with one zippered mesh pocket.

The bag has a closed capacity of 48 liters and an open capacity of 70 liters. The bag is custom tailored to Alex’s measurements.

Evan’s Roll Top Backpack

March 15, 2010

Evan works for Quake Courier in downtown San Frantastic. He needed a bag capable of carrying up to two bankers boxes and space for more…

The bag is grey 1000d cordura, ballistic base, 36′ cargo straps with 36′ extenders. Top and bottom horizontal compression straps are removable (bottom one has been removed in picture) and can be used as extenders. Large reflective 187 logo.

Large mesh side pockets with velcro closure. Ladder loop on front of bag. Female clips on the top of roll so Evan can strap on some big boxes or flats. The bag also has a side entry flat front pocket for easy access to a manifest without having to take the bag all the way off.

Back pad and shoulder pads in red 400d packcloth, Back pad has ‘spine channel’ so the bag will sit flat no mater the load there is also a removable sheet of ABS plastic between the back pad and the bag. The interior of the bag is red 400d packcloth with one large velcro closure mesh pocket over a fully floating 10oz vinyl waterproof membrane.

The bag has a closed capacity of 50 liter sand an open capacity of 77 liters. The bag is Tailored to Evans measurements.