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December Update part 1

December 9, 2010

So Christmas is almost upon us, I can tell because my sister in law arrived from Glasgow last night brandishing two boxes of M&S’ finest mince pies.

I brought a box with me to work at Mike’s bikes and introduced my colleagues to the true taste of Christmas. Its just not the same without mincemeat….

The end off the year looms close. Its almost time to make myself feel guilty about all the time i wasted this year and write lists of things i wont get around to next year. In the spirit of the festive audit i wanted to write a post about some of the high lights of the last six months that i failed to blog about.

As much as i loved the instant recognition of the 187 brand and logo, i felt that it was too close to what i had been working on at Freight Baggage and have as such been making my bags under the Pushbike logo since May this year. Pushbike is a shop in the mission district of San Francisco that happens to be owned by my wife, Sarah Murder. I work one or two shifts a week at the shop, its always a good time to come and see me about ordering a bag. I will be continuing to brand the bags with the pushbike logo and will be featuring some one off creations in the store in the new year.

I manufactured limited runs of bags for All Hail The Black MarketKing Kog and Pushbike. All of the bags featured custom laser cut black reflective prints on 1000d cordura with 18oz vinyl floating liners and a simple velcro closure. these bags looked super awesome and i look forwards to working with Gina, Stevil and Sarah again sometime soon.

In November i took a trip home to the UK and made some special edition Royal Mail inspired back packs. These were full on messenger sized bags and i was happy to get some of my old courier friends riding them in the old country. The bags featured 1000d cordura outer bags, deep side pockets, vinyl lined zippered front pocket, 40″ cargo straps, 40″ extender straps multiple female anchor points and a pac cloth and 10oz Vinyl fully floating liner with laptop sleeve/divider.

The designs that i have been working on most lately have been more of a commuter/race bag platform. Having a bag i can pack everything into for a day at the office or to take with me with everything i need when I am heading to the  trails was my main motivation and i have been very happy with the results. The bags are made from 1000d cordura with a floating vinyl liner, roll top closure and a cord compression stowage system across the front of the bag which is perfect for helmets, wet jackets, human heads or whatever tickles your fancy.  At the moment i am very excited about experimenting with some new fabrics and a new modular design. watch this space for updates……

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