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Sling Bags

There are three key dimensions around which your bag will be built, these measurements will affect the overall size of the bag. When the bag is made to fit you it should never swing or feel uncomfortable no matter how large (within Reason) a load you are carrying. If you are smaller or larger than average these measurements are key to making you the most comfortable bag you have ever used. Please contact me to arrange a sizing or to find out how to measure yourself.


Backpacks also have three key dimensions when it comes to the interface between the wearer and the bag. The depth of the bag is also an important consideration, this is usually dictated by the intended use of the bag. A working bike messenger may need a much larger bag than a commuter, but a backpack is much easier to compress turning your daily commuter into a weekly grocery getter is much easier than with a sling bag.

Pannier Bags/Rack Bags

Pannier bags have many variants mainly depending on use but also on the type of rack to which they are fitted. Hardware is also a consideration i can source most popular brands. Please contact me to make a start on your project.

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